The Alberta Bioenergy Producers Group (ABPG) represents the companies that produce, or are developing projects to produce, bioenergy in the province of Alberta. The group represents an unprecedented collaboration across all bioenergy platforms (liquid biofuels, biogas, wood pellets and biomass heat and power), which have come together to articulate a strong vision and clear recommendations as to how to sustain and grow a vibrant bioenergy production sector.

The Bioenergy Producers Map identifies the 25 APBG member plants in Alberta; collectively, these companies represent 44 individual bioenergy projects. The Bioenergy Strategy Framework details specific recommendations to support growth in the sector to meet the twin goals of economic diversification and effective climate action. The Bioenergy Producer Report Card contains key industry details on investment, jobs, growth in bioenergy production, and greenhouse gas emission reductions, of bioenergy producers operating under the Bioenergy Producer Credit Program between 2007 – 2014. The Future Projections report extends the analysis to 2020, and includes new production facilities which are under development and construction now.

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Cover - Alberta Bioenergy Producers Report Card

Alberta Bioenergy Producers Report Card

Cover - Alberta Bioenergy Producers Projections Report

Alberta Bioenergy Projections Report