Ethanol is ethyl alcohol made by fermenting starch sugars. It has a very high octane number for improved engine performance and cleaner fuel combustion.

Feedstock & Technologies

Conventional ethanol is made from grains (corn, wheat, barley). Advanced (cellulosic) ethanol is made from sorted municipal solid waste and from agricultural and forestry residues. Ethanol has the same chemical properties regardless of whether it is produced from starch or cellulosic-based feedstocks. Corn or wheat grain are the primary North American feedstocks; sugar cane is primarily used in Brazil.


Blend Compatibility & Applications

E10 has been in the market for over 35 years and is compatible with all light duty vehicles.

E15 is compatible with light duty vehicles from model year 2001 and later.

E85 blends are compatible with FlexFuel light duty vehicles.

E20, E30, and E50 blends are available on a limited basis in US Midwest states.

Ethanol is also a feedstock to produce low carbon aviation fuel, utilizing ‘alcohol to jet’ (ATJ) catalytic conversion technologies that have historically been utilized by petroleum refining and petrochemical sectors.