The Directors of Advanced Biofuels Canada Association (ABFC) invite you to become a member of our association to support our work to grow the biofuel and synthetic fuel market in Canada.

Advanced Biofuels is the national voice for Canada’s biofuels industry. Our members have 15 billion litres of nameplate capacity on four continents, bringing a global orientation to biofuel production and utilization.

Our Organization

  • Advocates for expanded production and use of low carbon biofuels in Canada (e.g., renewable diesel (FAME, HDRD), cellulosic and advanced ethanol, bio-crude, renewable natural gas, renewable hydrogen, sustainable aviation fuel, non-fossil synthetic fuels e.g. direct air capture, waste flue gas fermentation)
    • Provincial-level policies, such as renewable fuel standards and low carbon fuel standards supported by viable compliance credit markets, in BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec
    • Federal policy; we conceived and lead a multi-year campaign for a national Clean Fuel Standard, and chair an organized collaboration (CFS Advocates) of Canada’s clean fuel industry associations and non-governmental organizations
  • Leads efforts to develop and/or redesign carbon pricing policies (e.g. carbon tax) to reflect the low carbon benefits of advanced biofuels. Engages in rule-making for industrial facility carbon pricing schemes that impact producer members’ competitiveness.
  • Leads efforts to direct transportation carbon taxes to programs that support expanded R&D, production, distribution and use of advanced biofuels
  • Collaborates with fuel suppliers and provincial governments to expand biofuel blending in the Canadian independent fuels distribution sector through infrastructure capital support programs (BC, AB, ON, QC), and production credit instruments (federal, provincial
  • Convenes expert dialogues and webinars (e.g. US DOE) to educate and share best practices with federal and provincial staffs, fuel and enduser trade associations, etc.


Advanced Biofuel’s tiered structure gives members an opportunity to engage at different levels in the Canadian market, whether to assess or undertake project development, provide a services/technology solutions to the sector, or generally support our leadership work to establish federal and provincial mandates/carbon pricing.

Sponsor members have access to the regular update calls (with archives), online member resources, alerts on active developments (policy, regulatory, funding), and engagement with Advanced Biofuel’s staff on market intelligence, fuel regulations, carbon pricing, funding programs, and tax policies.

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