The key conclusion of the BISP is that biodiesel blends can be integrated in the Canadian climate through all seasonal conditions provided quality biodiesel is used, proper injection blending techniques are employed, and equipment is adequately maintained.

Other significant findings:
There were no engine performance or maintenance issues related to the use of biodiesel blends during the study period.
Based on the above analysis the JK Trucking fleet integrating B10 caused no mechanical or performance related concerns.
The JK Trucking fleet operated from December 14, 2008 to March 14, 2009 and experienced no change in operation while employing a B10 blend. JK Trucking continues to operate a B10 in the trucking fleet. To date the fleet has used more than 2,500,000 litres of biodiesel-blended fuel.

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Screencap - Biodiesel Integration Pilot Study