In 2008, PAMI participated in a biodiesel demonstration project that included the cooperation of ten farmers who agreed to use biodiesel in their harvest equipment. Upon completion of this project, the biodiesel was left in the fuel tanks of the combines. Approximately nine months later, in August 2009, PAMI collected biodiesel samples for analysis of the remaining fuel in three of these combines. Fuel filters were also removed for analysis, to determine the composition of residual compounds on the filters.

In addition, PAMI also collected diesel, B5, B10, and B20 canola-based biodiesel blend samples that have been stored for approximately two years in outdoor above-ground storage tanks, without the use of any additives.

The results of this testing demonstrate that long-term storage of biodiesel blends up to concentrations of B20, for periods of up to two years, does not adversely affect the quality of the biodiesel to the point where it fails specification testing.

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Screencap - Biodiesel Long Term Storage Study